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Fiscal Sponsorship Initiative


This unique program provides comprehensive parenting skills to men in caregiving roles – including fathers, stepfathers, foster parents and relative caregivers – using an innovative support group model.  The presence of nurturing fathers has a profound impact on children’s health and well-being.


Mentoring – which matches youth or “mentees” with responsible, caring mentors, usually adults.  Mentoring provides youth with mentors who can develop an emotional bond with the mentee, have greater experience than the mentee, and can provide support, guidance, and opportunities to help youth succeed in life and meet their goals.  Mentoring relationships can be formal or informal with substantial variation, but the essential components include creating, caring, empathetic, consistent, and long-lasting relationships, often with some combination of role modeling, teaching, and advising.



The Financial Literacy Program is at its core an opportunity for anyone to learn and have an open and honest conversation about money management, long-term financial goals, and other financial tops that have influenced their lives.  In today’s world, we must have some basic understanding of how banking systems work, how credit and credit scores influence how we are judged and deemed worthy, that credit cards can be a tool but if mishandled lead to financial hardship, and that by having money put aside for life’s unexpected events, we can create a priceless safety net.  Money management is not often taught in schools, most learn by trial and error, and too many errors leads to debt that seems insurmountable.


Many of the clients we serve will soon be first time homebuyers when they complete our programs and are able to afford a home.  Initiatives, Inc. purchases, renovates, and sells various houses to those very same clients when they are ready.  We are always looking for homes to purchase and we are always looking to partner with contractors who are skilled and are licensed.


We provide school support staff for various school programs.  The Program Aide staff support the teachers who serve a varied population of students with disabilities.  The staff member assists with the implementation of the program as outlined in the IEP of each student, as well as paraprofessionals and school support staff.  Staff members assist with adapting instruction that meets the individual academic, medical, developmental, and technological needs of the students.


Initiatives, Inc. conducts and creates programs and services based on value-based categories tied to our mission, operations and funding.  Program categories are Case Management and Job Placement programs, Talent Development Programs, and Temporary Employment.
Service categories are Business Services, Talent Sourcing, Talent Development, Labor Market and Sector Information, Administrative, Consulting, Employment and Training, and Community Relations.


If you’re looking to apply for tax exempt status, or you’re waiting to hear back from the IRS about your tax empty status, fiscal sponsorship can be a great option so you can start fundraising while you wait.  Fiscal Sponsorship allows many fledgling nonprofit organizations to fundraise from large donors, corporations, and grant providers who require 501(c)(3) status to apply.  Fiscal sponsorship can give you the ability to accept tax-deductible donations and apply for grants without 501(c)(3) status.